Patara Elephant Farm 1

Today we went a very beautiful place in Chiangmai. Patara Elephant Farm

There was a new born Elephant Baby. We went there for visiting the Elephant baby

This Elephant Farm is different of the other cause it teaches the animal and human interaction, there is full of love in there. All the staff are friend with the elephants, and elephants trust every staff. The owner always taught us how to take care the elephants. Most elephants have been rescued from the market or somewhere else. The owner needs to take a lot of time to build the trust. It’s very amazing to do such great work.

The tourist also had fun with the elephants, the elepahts were so enjoy to shower with them too. And one more amazing thing in this Farm, the owner is using the singing bowl therapy in the Farm to heal the elephants which let them stay calm and happy.  

The singing bowl even follow the chakra tone for the elephants. I really admire that the owner has such great heart, and he always brings his children to help at the Farm, all the children takes care the elephants and treat them like family too, what a amazing Elephant family.

And the owner told me that, when there is a new born elephant baby, they will take the children to the farm for the blessing ceremony, the children need to follow the Chinese Luna calendar to give the name to the baby, and take care of the baby. What a great dad, i can not believe still have such angel existed. It’s a really loving Elephant Farm and family.

There is more about this Elephant Farm. Let me tell you more tomorrow




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