Thailand Sucks!

What else can I say about a country filled with racists who enslave children to work on fishing boats, sell their organs and commit countless atrocities on a daily basis. Funny that most people think the worst part of Thailand is how they treat their dogs and cats or the fact that some old white men buy prostitutes. Hate to break this to you brain dead idiots but Thai men frequent brothels more than white men. The brothels which cater to them are a bit more hidden but there are far more of them around. They just make it a bit more discrete so as to not tarnish their reputations.  What a joke! All you tourists and digital nomads buy into that crap too. Morons!

Anyone who buys Thai products or comes to Thailand on vacation is guilty of supporting human slavery and human rights violations. Oh but you millennials are more worried about your carbon footprint right? Morons!! Hypocrites!!!

I too came to Thailand years ago thinking that the people were great and that it was foreigners who ruined the place until I learned the language and saw the sickness for myself. Not that there are not good Thais but the majority, especially the ruling class needs to be corrected! DO NOT BUY THAI!!!